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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Codease

Save time and money by using the business applications that best suit your company's needs. Try Codease now!

Why Codease?

01. Easy Access

Manage your company from anywhere you want thanks to cloud infrastructure. Use all applications with high performance from PC, laptop or mobile devices.

Smiling Business Woman

02. Data Management

Stop managing your business processes with paper, Excel and e-mails. Digitize your data and create corporate memory. Access the data you want very easily.

Colleagues at Work

03. Measure and Report

Manage your workflows, measure what you manage and report what you measure.

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04. Single Platform

Access all applications from a single platform. Avoid software waste and save money.

Know your users better

With digital transformation, you can provide better service to your customers, reduce costs, increase your efficiency and become more competitive.


Acceleration in HR processes


Improvement in customer experience


Increase in data analysis competence

Ready-to-Use Applications

To be successful in the digital transformation process, you need good business practices. Here are our ready-made business applications that will help you in the digital transformation process!

Organization Management

You can design your own organization within the admin panel and easily define your companies or personnel in more than one role.

Accounting Solution

You can manage your staff's expenses and debt requests, and update your parameters such as cost centers yourself.

Advance Process

Expense Process

Debt Process

Travel Planning

Warehouse and Purchasing Management

You can save time and make your job easier with warehouse management, product inventory, supplier, order and tender process modules.

Warehouse & Supplier Description

Order Process

Product Transfer Between Warehouses

Quality Management System

Customer Complaint Management

Document Management

Corrective Preventive Actions

Internal Audit

Survey Management

You can send surveys to internal and external customers regarding the services provided and measure the service quality.

Human Resources Solution

You can use the Human Resources solution for all the processes you need, from recruitment to dismissal.

Permit Process

Personnel Personal Information

Recruitment - Dismissal

Document Management

You can archive the documents kept and used within your company, receive reminders for recurring documents such as contracts, and assign document managers.

Dealer Management

Dealer definitions, evaluation of requests and requests from dealers, and follow-up of their fulfillment by relevant units are ensured. You can carry out transactions between dealers and central units through the system.

Help Desk Management

It is the process where demand types, creation of fulfillment pools, demand entries and demand fulfillment transactions are kept and executed. It is parametric, demand types and fulfilling teams, etc. You can define the parameters yourself.

Embezzlement Management

You can debit personnel or departments, observe situations such as malfunctions, changes, and inventory stories.

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